Lootbox is open now through March 11th and Morbid is there with a great gacha collection for you. Who doesn’t want to be an adorable, sexy bunny for Easter? This gacha has you covered from the dress all the way down to a fluffy tail, even a carrot to enjoy! At 75L a play, you could win a item to this great look in 1 of 5 common colors. This is a MAITREYA exclusive girls so please be aware of that. Hurry on down and snag up your special outfit to entice that loved one. Here’s your taxi!

MORBID Is at 77th Street

Morbid is at the new event, 77th Street and has some great 77L deals for you to enjoy!

The Arvina dress with 3 available options is an exclusive for Maitreya and Legacy bodies, Glismoda bodysuit is also exclusively for Maitreya and Legacy with 3 options available. Lacy outfit for Maitreya and Legacy with 3 options, the lovely Alvellon Gown for Maitreya and Legacy, as well as the Alvellon horns and wings each with 3 available options. There’s even some decor, such as the Crux Wall deco in 3 options and the gacha fatpacks of Papillon de Nuit are even there!

Only a week long, February 14-21, don’t miss your chance, here’s the taxi


MORBID is at the Gacha Garden February 1-28 with some great gacha collections to win!

This LEGACY/MAITREYA exclusive collection includes several common items: boots, girdle, pasties, tiara, in 8 colors to be won, as well as great rares: wing, corsets, and gloves. !

There is even another booth at the event! This one includes an entire outfit to win piece by piece including panties! The commons are: harness, panties, garter, platform shoes in 8 winnable colors, and rares include: knee platforms and a dress. These are for MAITREYA only.

 Catch your ride here

NOT Today Cupid!

I caught the little rascal out and about way to early this year. I am all for love and stuff but this morning, I would rather not have him shooting one of the pups and making us grandparents again. 

Something New –  Not Today Cupid Includes prop with pose and guns. 

MORBID Cravenzone Dress Fits Maitreya Lara/Petite and Legacy Classic/Perky. 8 colors to choose from. Available at Mainframe January 20- February 20th 

MORBID Rita ShoesFits  Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink in 4 colors. 

ALSO SHOWNMINA – Sanne – MINA VIP excl. group gift
Glam Affair Arizona Skin – Basic Line FLF

Outer Space Date

Wandering the space station while waiting for my date. Shoes aren’t something we wear very often up here and I am rather keen to have mine bare. A new party dress which I chose to show off my vivid hues. Life is good. I wonder where she’s going to take me tonight. 


Something New –  Calendar Girl 1

Set includes 6 poses and pose balls

The Bearded Guy – Space Corridor Backdrop

3 options available for separate purchase or as a fatpack at the Sense Event January 18 – February

MORBID Helene Dress 

8 color choices, Original mesh design exclusively for Legacy Mesh Body, Perky, Maitreya Lara, and Lara Petite. Available at Itty Bitty Titty Committee event January 9-23

.EscalateD. Fiore 

Duo/Streams version, rigged hair includes 2 sizes, StyleHUD, Natural and Unnatural Essentials Universal HUDs. On Sale for Fly By Friday this week! 

Stargazer Creations  Variety Skin Set BOM – Northern Night

 Updated unisex skin includes Old Appliers as well as BOM eyes, F Skin, and Male BOM tattoo layers. 


[LEGACY] Meshbody (f) Perky Edition [+] Petite (1.3.3)


Morbid at Gachaland January 2021

Morbid has a lingerie gacha that is exclusive for MAITREYA LARA and LEGACY CLASSIC.
The collection of prizes are Common: panties, underbust corsets, and tops in 8 winnable colors. And there is also a Rare Dress to be won. An exclusive Silver color set fatpack will be given to you after 20 plays. There is also a FREE Gimme Gacha Group Gift available at their booth! Only 75L/play

Lucy in the Stars with Diamonds

Dazzling in the dark of night, presiding over her court. The queen of lunar state 5 is a force to behold. Ruling her kingdom with a small council, her citizens are well cared for and happiness reigns. 

Shopping List

MORBID – Aoife Earring 

 8 colors to choose from or purchase the fatpack. Unrigged and resizeable. This is an exclusive at Darkness Monthly Opening January 5

MORBID – Aoife Choker 

8 colors to choose from or purchase the fatpack. Unrigged and resizeable. Also an exclusive at Darkness Monthly

MORBID  -Nerezza Gown 

 8 colors to choose from for Maitreya and Legacy Classic bodies. Another great exclusive at Darkness Monthly

Stargazer – Variety Unisex Skin Set BOM – Northern Night

Includes BOM Eyes, BOM Skin, and BOM Tattoo additions for males. 

WitchCraft – Cutie Ribbon Bento Coffin Mesh Nails

 Rigged for Alice, Maitreya, Legacy, Belleza, Tonic, and Slink

Something New –  Blog my Essentials 4 and  Blog my Essentials 3

Both include pose ball and are part of a gacha set. 


Includes a fatpack with style HUD and fitted mesh hair. Gift for Truth VIPs! 

Catwa HDPRO MajerSoft head

Maitreya – Lara body 

Whaaaat? No Advent? Scrooges!

Yeah yeah, but I guarantee you we’re not as scroogey as you think we are. At the moment there is a grid full of advent gifts. You may not be able to get round them all and then come the holidays..? We didn’t want our customers at Morbid and Stargazer to miss out – so this year we are doing things a little different. On 25th December we shall start our in store gift event called “The Twelve Days of SL”.

Twelve whole days of goodies and gifts to be collected and enjoyed. Both Stargazer and Morbid are participating. Each day visit each store and look for the magical gift box! It won’t be hard to find – but they won’t be in the same place each day.

Awesome Shiny New Stores!!

We have exciting news for our stores – Stargazer, Morbid, & Moeko. We have moved to brand new, shiny stores that are AMAZING! To celebrate we have wonderful Black Friday sales events.

To take advantage of the new group gifts – please make sure you join our group for all three stores: Stargazer – Morbid – Moeko

In addition group members receive 5% discount on all purchases (not including gachas and weekly sales). So what are you waiting for? Hop over and join the group!

See photos and details of Black Friday events below for each store and grab our new landmarks!


Stargazer – New Location November 2020
Black Friday deals, discounts and offers for Stargazer – November 2020
MORBID Store new location – November 2020
MORBID – Black Friday Event – November 2020
MOEKO – New Location – November 2020
MOEKO – Black Friday Discounts – November 2020